Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DeBlasio promises crackdown on school placard abuse but cars continue to park illegally

Last week, Mayor DeBlasio promised to crack down on illegal abuse stemming from the additional 50,000 parking placards issued to city school employees.  According to Streetsblog, there are almost 150,000 official placards, but also an unknown number of counterfeit placards.  An anonymous Twitter account @placardabuse documents vehicles parking in a variety of illegal ways.

The NYPD stated that they would hire an additional 100 ticket agents and add 16 police officers to a placard fraud enhancement unit.  The mayor also pledged new technology that would be able to scan license plates for placard abuse.  The city also promised better monitoring  of 311 complaints, @placardabuse, and other relevant online sites to stay on top of the problem.

However, several days after Mayor DeBlasio made these statements, CBS News found that there were still vehicles parking illegally outside of city schools, as shown in the video above.

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