Monday, July 25, 2016

How will L train shutdown affect NYC drivers?

Photo Credit: JoesphBarbaro for Wikipedia
According to Gothamist, the L train shutdown is officially happening in 2019.  The MTA plans to shut down service completely to and within Manhattan for 18 months, which raises the question - what will happen to subway commuters and how will motorists be affected? Several alternative modes of transport are expected to be offered, including shuttle bus service, expanded ferry service, and some lawmakers are calling for 14th Street to be completely car free during the shutdown.  

While the 18 month shutdown seems extreme, it was actually the overwhelmingly favored plan, as the MTA had also considered a three year, limited service option.  “We think it is better to have a shorter duration of pain than a longer more unstable process - and risk unplanned closures - by leaving one track open during construction,” Veronique Hakim, president of New York City Transit, said in a statement. "Approximately 80 percent of riders will have the same disruptions with either option. Throughout our extensive outreach process and review, it became clear that the 18-month closure was the best construction option and offered the least amount of pain to customers for the shortest period of time."

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