Thursday, March 24, 2016

NYC's new toll plan introduced in Albany

photo credit: Wikipedia user ILMRT

A new toll and congestion relieving plan created by Gridlock Sam Schwartz has been introduced in Albany by Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, D-Manhattan.  According to Crain's, the bill, called the Move New York Fair Plan, will:

  • create a standard toll around the central business district ($5.54 with E-ZPass/ $8 without)
  • 60th street in Manhattan would become an additional tolling point for vehicles traveling north or south
  • tolls would be paid digitally so vehicles would not have to slow down to pay, which would also allow for peak/ off peak pricing
  • create a vehicle for hire surcharge
  • raise revenue for subways/ buses/ roads/ bridges
  • cause the Verrazano Bridge toll to drop by half, as well as discount the tolls on seven MTA bridges
  • decrease traffic congestion
The bill has 14 co-sponsors, and both Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo have said in the past that the plan has merit.  What do you think of the new bill?

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