Friday, November 20, 2015

Tappan Zee tolls to go cashless; Cuomo to suspend toll dodgers' registrations

According to, the Tappan Zee bridge tolls are going to go cashless this April.  80% of the drivers using the Tappan Zee already use their EZ Pass to pay the toll, and the state is pushing for the remaining 20% to also pay electronically or face consequences.

Although currently the state doesn't do much to go after toll scofflaws, Gov. Cuomo's office announced this week that under a new rule, motorists with five or more unpaid tolls or fees within an 18 month period would have their vehicle registration suspended by the DMV until the balance is paid off.  The motorist would receive notices in the mail before their registration is suspended, giving them the opportunity to pay or dispute the violation.  No legislative approval is required to enact the new rule, and it could go into effect as early as January.  

Approximately $16.5 million per year is lost to chronic toll evaders.

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