Thursday, September 17, 2015

NYC City Council aims to remove 200 dangerous parking spots from city streets

Photo credit: Joe Marino, NY Daily News

According to the Daily News, the New York City Council introduced a bill to remove up to eight parking spots on 25 dangerous crosswalks around the city, which would be around 200 spots total. Vision Zero initiatives have resulted in fewer parking spaces around the city, as well as those lost to the Citi Bike program. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, chair of the transportation committee, says,"You improve the visibility for drivers and you also create better conditions for cyclists and pedestrians to cross in those intersections."

The bill would target dangerous intersections and ban parked cars within 15 feet of the crosswalks. Rodriguez cites the Broadway and Academy Street intersection, which was similarly changed for greater safety and resulted in fewer accidents.

However, AAA is speaking out against eliminating more parking spaces in the already crowded city. Spokesman Robert Sinclair suggested the DOT would be better off working on dangerous parts of MTA bus routes. such as restricting left turns, giving pedestrians more time to cross, and bigger curbs.  The DOT already has 18 safety projects for bus routes scheduled.

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