Thursday, April 2, 2015

Diplomats owe $16M + in unpaid NYC parking tickets

According to the NY Post, diplomats have amassed over $16 million in New York City parking tickets, despite having 529 legal parking spots.  In 2002, an agreement between the city and the US State Department "gave each UN mission two designated spots and one or two spots to each consulate."  Despite access to these parking spaces, diplomats continued to illegally park elsewhere, resulting in over 42,000 tickets.  

Although some of these tickets date back to 2002, and most of the outstanding debt was incurred prior to the NYC/ UN agreement, Penny Abeywardena, commissioner for the Mayor's Office of International Affairs, says,"We will continue to enforce the program in a way that works together with diplomatic community members to hold them to the same standards as any other New Yorkers."

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