Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NYC tickets down 92% in last week in apparent NYPD slowdown

According to the Daily News, tickets were down a whopping 92% last week in what appears to be an NYPD slowdown in protest of Mayor deBlasio.  While Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is reluctant to use the term 'slowdown,' he is meeting with others in the Department to "put together a comprehensive review of what has been happening over the last month."   

While the dramatic decrease in tickets and arrests occurred citywide, the biggest drop was in Brooklyn's 84th Precinct, which was the home precinct for murdered officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjlan Liu.  Just two tickets were written for moving violations last week.  No parking tickets or Criminal Court summonses were issued.

Bratton believes the numbers are part of the overall decrease in crime in NYC, rather than a rift between the NYPD and the mayor, but did vow to take action if there is evidence of an actual slowdown.

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