Monday, December 1, 2014

Staten Island residents oppose illegally parked speed camera truck

Photo courtesy of
Tri-State Transportation Campaign

Residents of Staten Island are opposing a new mobile speed camera truck located behind the Staten Island School of Civic Leadership on Goethals Road North, Graniteville because the vehicle is issuing tickets despite being parked in a No Standing Zone.  Although some of the tickets are being dismissed as a result, there is no agreement between city agencies on whether the camera's location is valid or not.  

According to, the zone actually became a 20mph zone in 2009.  The section of road is located right off the highway, so drivers must slow down from 50mph to the off-ramp to the school zone within 350 yards.  The DOT states that the school zone is a dangerous area with a long history of traffic related injuries.  Residents claim the new speed camera is nothing but a speed trap, claiming it's impossible to slow down in time when coming off the highway.  

Councilman Steven Matteo (R-Mid Island) is calling for all tickets from the mobile speed camera to be dismissed because the truck is often parked illegally.  "It does not help the confidence of my constituents when it looks like the city can play by one set of rules and them another," said Matteo in a statement.

The DOT, however, defends the truck's location. Under New York City Traffic Rules, section 4-02(d)(1)(ii), "traffic/parking control vehicles" are allowed to operate outside of traffic regulations.  "This camera is properly located," said a DOT spokesman in a statement.

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