Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NYC Councilman proposes big change to Alternate Side Parking rules

NYC alternate side parking

According to CBS New York, Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, D-Washington Heights/Inwood, is proposing changes to the city's Alternate Side Parking Rules that would allow cars to park on a street again after the sweepers have passed through.  Under the current rules, drivers are not permitted to park on the side of the street scheduled for cleaning until the entire time allotted for sweeping (generally 1-2 hours) has ended. 
The changes would help ease drivers' current routines of moving their cars to the other side of the street and or double parking or idling, until they are permitted to park again.  The legislation would also help to reduce the number of parking tickets, which amounted to $70 million last year for the 1.2 million alternate side tickets alone. 
The Department of Sanitation is voicing concerns regarding how drivers and law enforcement would know if the sweepers had already cleaned a street.  The Department said it “would fully review and evaluate the impact on street cleaning since mechanical brooms often have to revisit streets where cars have not moved.”

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