Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big traffic changes coming this week to Nostrand-Rogers Avenues

The NYC Department of Transportation announced that the Nostrand- Rogers Avenue Select Bus Service is set to begin Sunday, November 17.  The new service will bring major changes to the parking and traffic regulations on Nostrand and Rogers Avenues. 
Nostrand Rogers Avenue Select Bus Service

According to the DOT's website, the following changes will go into effect:
  • Parking regulations will change on Nostrand and Rogers Avenues in early 2013. No Standing regulations will move to the left side of Nostrand and Rogers Avenues.  
  • Rush hour No Standing zones will be relocated from the right to the left side of the street, and will be in effect during both morning and evening rush hours. 
  • Parking will now be allowed on the right side during rush hours. 
  • Regulations will be modified for special conditions between Eastern Parkway and Empire Boulevard, and on Rogers Avenue between Avenue D and Beverley Road. 
  • Offset bus lanes, which will be installed between Flushing Avenue and Farragut Road.  
    • The lanes will run southbound on Nostrand Avenue and northbound on Rogers and Bedford Avenues. These bus lanes will be in effect from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays, and open to general traffic overnight and all weekend. 
    • Lanes will run in both directions on Nostrand Avenue between Avenue X and Emmons Avenue. The northbound lanes will be in effect during morning rush hours and southbound lanes during evening rush hours. The lanes will be open to general traffic at all other times. 
  • Bus bulbs, which will be installed on Nostrand Avenue between DeKalb and Church Avenues, and on Rogers and Bedford Avenues between Church Avenue and Lafayette Avenue. 

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