Monday, October 7, 2013

NYC ranks sixth in worst US roads report

NYC potholes- city has sixth worst roads in the US

According to the Daily News, the Washington- based TRIP research group found that 51% of the NY Metro area are in poor condition.  New York ranked sixth worst in urban regions with over 500,00 people, and it's costing drivers an average of $673 per year in extra maintenance.  Los Angeles had the worst roads, and most expensive maintenance for drivers ($832/ year).

TRIP concluded that the US  faces a $156 billion shortfall in the amount needed to maintain roadways in their current condition, (and) a $374 billion shortfall to make modest improvements in pavement conditions."

The top ten worst urban area roads are:
  1. Los Angeles- 64% poor
  2. San Francisco- 60 %
  3. San Jose- 56%
  4. San Diego- 55%
  5. Tuscon- 53%
  6. NYC- 51%
  7. Bridgeport- 51%
  8. Milwaukee- 48%
  9. New Orleans- 47%
  10. Oklahoma City- 47%

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