Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two men with $175k+ unpaid parking tickets earn top spots on NYC's worst scofflaws list

Courtesy of the NY Post
Each year, NYC releases data on the worst parking ticket scofflaws in the city.  Ordinarily the list is comprised solely of businesses with large numbers of vehicles; however, this year's list includes two individuals with over $175,000 in violations each.
According to the NY Post, neither man could be located at the addresses on file with the Department of Finance.  While neighbors sided with the drivers, citing confusing parking signs near the local school, Finance Commissioner David Frankel was unsympathetic. 

“It is outrageous that a few New Yorkers cheat their fellow citizens,’’ he said in a written statement. “We will protect the overwhelming majority of those who do the right thing, to go after the few who try to skirt the system.”
Ticket agents issued approximately 7.4 million tickets worth $466 million in revenue, $46 million less than the previous fiscal year.  The large difference is being attributed to the extended parking holidays in effect after Superstorm Sandy.

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