Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Legally parked in NYC... until new parking signs are installed.

According to CBS 2 News, security video from a building on West 15th Street shows legally parked cars receiving parking tickets less than 30 minutes after new parking signs were installed by the Department of Transportation.  The signs, which went from "Alternate side parking, Monday and Thursday" to "No Standing Anytime," were changed as the city continues adding racks on the street for the new bike share program.

While there were paper signs posted that warned drivers that cars would be towed if they remained past 6 p.m., the $115 parking tickets were issued six hours earlier.  When asked about the incident, DOT spokesperson Nicole Gomez stated, "Parking next to a bike stand is illegal.  Still, any motorist who believes they received a ticket in error can contest it through the Department of Finance, which adjudicates violations.”

Watch the video here.

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