Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Bronx pilot program uses app to pay for street parking

According to the Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg is unveiling a new pilot program in the Belmont section of the Bronx today that will allow drivers to use a mobile phone app to pay for their street parking.  Drivers will sign up for Pay-by-Phone using their vehicle's registration and credit card number.  Once parked, users will type in the muni-meter number closest to their vehicle and then add time using the app.  Motorists will also be able to add more time remotely using their phones, rather than having to return to their cars with a new muni receipt. 
Belmont was chosen to host the program because the neighborhood around Arthur Avenue is one of the most ticketed areas of the city. The Department of Transportation's real time parking conditions map of Belmont is available here.  The map shows the 264 spaces along 18 blocks that are included in the program.  Data is refreshed every two minutes and displays low, limited, and available parking space.
What do you think of the new program?  Is the end of the muni-meter in sight for NYC?

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