Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bloomberg condemns Albany lawmakers over failed speed camera plan

According to the NY Times, Mayor Bloomberg's frustration with Albany's lawmakers over his failed speed camera plan erupted yesterday during a news conference near Union Square.  When speeding cars cause the death of children in the future, the Mayor said his office would provide the contact information for those responsible: Dean G. Skelos, the Republican majority leader; Simcha Felder, and Martin J. Golden.
"Maybe you want to give those phone numbers to the parents of the child when a child is killed,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “It would be useful so that the parents can know exactly who’s to blame.”
Mr. Felder responded to the Mayor's comments, calling them “inflammatory, reckless and out of touch, as usual.”
While the speed cameras were originally included in the State Assembly's budget package, they have since been removed from the budget that is expected to be approved later this week.  Views on speed cameras range from a way to make safer city streets to revenue generators.
City Council speaker Christine C. Quinn, a top Democratic candidate for mayor, supports the cameras, as does Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.  However, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and Mr Golden have been vocal in opposing the plan, saying that "the more effective way to reduce speeding would be to hire more officers."

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