Friday, February 22, 2013

PARK Smart is coming to Cobble Hill

New York's PARK Smart pilot program has been approved for Cobble Hill's commercial streets, according to  The program uses flexible supply and demand pricing- meter rates are raised for the spots where the demand is higher for parking, and lowered where the demand for parking is less.
Under the new plan, long-term parkers will see their cost for a two hour spot double; there will be no affect on short term parking.  Rates will be as follows:
  • 25 cents/ 15 minutes
  • 50 cents/ 30 minutes
  • $1.50/ 60 minutes
  • $2.50/ 90 minutes
  • $4.00/ 120 minutes
The plan will start on Court Street between Atlantic Avenue and Sackett Street, Smith Street between Atlantic Avenue and Sackett Street and Atlantic Avenue from Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue.
PARK Smart programs currently run for six months, in order for the Department of Transportation to evaluate their effectiveness in various neighborhoods.  The DOT's goals with the program are to discourage long term parking at the meters, which increases the availability of on street parking, and reduce congestion from drivers searching for parking.
All PARK SMART meters will accept quarters and NYC Parking Cards and will be marked with the PARK Smart logo.

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