Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How many parking spots will NYC lose to the CitiBike Share program?

According to Gothamist, NYC's new CitiBike Share program has released information (which is subject to change) on where its initial 420 bike stations and 7,000 bikes will be located beginning this July.  An additional 3,000 bikes and 180 stations will follow, as the program expands and makes its way to other boroughs.  To accomodate the bike stations, the DOT will be reclaiming space from public parks, plazas, sidewalks, streets, and street parking. 

Because the bike stations are easy to reconfigure to whatever size is needed, the DOT isn't offering any exact numbers on how many parking spaces they expect drivers to lose to the program.  The folks at Gothamist estimated about 570 parking spots will be turned over to CitiBike.  Tell us what you think of Manhattan losing these parking spots - how will your business be affected?

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