Monday, March 12, 2012

Port Authority plans to replace entire Goethals Bridge & raise Bayonne Bridge roadway simultaneously; toll to increase to $15

Port Authority is set to simultaneously replace the outdated Goethals Bridge and raise the Bayonne Bridge roadway to accommodate taller container ships.  The projected cost of the projects is $2.5 billion.

The agency also plans a number of other large projects in the next few years, generating 16,500 construction jobs.  Some of the other jobs include new suspension cables for the George Washington Bridge, expanding the Port Newark Container Terminal, renovating and expanding the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, and rehabilitation of the Lincoln Tunnel Helix.

A controversial toll hike will come with the new bridges, up to $15 for peak hour cash customers by 2015.  Trucks will pay an additional $2 per axle, eventually rising to $6 per axle by 2015.

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