Thursday, March 22, 2012

Could this massive transit overhaul be in store for NYC?

Gridlock Sam, aka Sam Schwartz, is back with his most ambitious transportation plan for New York yet.  His proposal reduces or cuts tolls on non- Manhattan bridges, while increasing tolls for the East River bridges.  Bus fares in neighborhoods without subways would be reduced, while taxi and car service trips below 86th Street would receive a surcharge.  Major roadways would be widened and bus rapid transit would be added.  Even bikers would be affected, paying a toll to cross the East River bridges, with the funds going towards new bike/ pedestrian bridges.

Schwartz denies his plan uses congestion pricing, instead saying the fees are a fair way to price city travel between congested and non congested areas.  The plan would generate over $1.2 billion a year, which could be used for various transit projects.

What do you think about Gridlock Sam's new proposal?

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