Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leave Your Quarters at Home - DOT Pilot Program Allows Drivers to Pay NYC Parking Meters by Phone!

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) announced a Request for Proposals for a pilot program to allow motorists to pay for parking using cellular phones and electronic devices. The system would eliminate the inconvenience of looking for change to feed the meter, allowing motorists to pay in increments up to the maximum allowable amount of time. The program will include more than 300 spaces in a pilot area, still to be determined.

Motorists will register with the system using their electronic device, linked to a credit or debit card, and will call into the system each time they need to begin a parking session. The system could also alert motorists when their time is up, helping them avoid getting tickets. Parking enforcement agents will be able to check payments instantly to verify that the vehicle is parked legally. This would be the first time this technology has been implemented in New York.

Approximately 37% of parking meter rates are currently paid electronically using credit cards and NYC parking cards. The proposals are due by Sept. 14. A pilot system could be rolled out by spring 2012.

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