Friday, March 17, 2017

Park Slope parking spot listed for $300,000

According to CBS News, a parking spot in Park Slope is up for sale for $300,000.  The spot is being listed as a condominium on Brown Harris Stevens real estate.  Along with a place to park the car, the spot comes with a garage valet and hand-washing... at an additional charge.  

Top 5 NYC neighborhoods for receiving parking tickets 2017

M&S Parking top neighborhoods NYC parking tickets

RentHop recently conducted a survey to find out where drivers are the most/ least likely to receive a parking ticket, and learned that despite having less than 12% of households with cars, Manhattan receives 30% of the city's tickets.  The best and worst neighborhoods for receiving tickets are:

Top ticketed neighborhoods:
  1. Upper East Side
  2. Astoria/ Steinway
  3. Flushing/ College Point/ Murray Hill
  4. Flatbush/ Ditmas Park
  5. TriBeCa/ SoHo
Lowest ticketed neighborhoods:
  1. South Shore
  2. Far Rockaway
  3. Bloomfield/ West Shore
  4. Arverne/ Broad Channel
  5. St. Albans/ S. Jamaica/ JFK

Friday, February 17, 2017

Congestion pricing "not part of my vision," says DeBlasio

Photo credit: Kevin Case for Wikipedia

According to Newsday, Mayor Bill de Blasio does not support congestion pricing for Manhattan, and said it's "not part of my vision."  While other major cities, such as London, Singapore, and Stockholm, have had success using such pricing programs, Albany has yet to support such a plan.

Friday, January 27, 2017

According to CBS News, Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to crackdown on offenses such as speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians, texting while driving, and drunk driving, to further his Vision Zero efforts to eliminate pedestrian deaths.  Additionally, the mayor has added 120 new radar guns for police precincts to his proposed budget, The NYPD says it issued a record 137,000 speeding tickets in 2016.

There have been 15 traffic related fatalities in 2017, according to the Mayor.  In the three years since beginning the Vision Zero initiatives, the city has seen traffic deaths decrease by more than 20 percent.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

NYC traffic deaths down, pedestrian deaths up in 2016

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According to ABC News and The New York Times, Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero program has resulted in New York City traffic deaths declining for a third straight year.  However, the number of pedestrian deaths increased slightly from the previous year.  Vision Zero's goal is to completely eliminate traffic deaths by 2024.  

Despite criticism from around the community that changes are not happening fast enough to protect pedestrians, Mr. de Blasio continues defending Vision Zero.  "We are very committed," he said on channel NY1. "I believe in Vision Zero 110 percent, and now we have three years running where it's produced better results each year."

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NYPD issues 50,000+ summonses during new Dusk & Darkness initiative

Mayor de Blasio announced a new online crash tracker, which shows the city's most dangerous intersections.  According to ABC News, the tracker is part of the mayor's recent Dusk and Darkness initiative, which was announced last month.  Dusk and Darkness focuses on decreasing collisions during the early evening hours of fall and winter, when they are 40% more likely than in other seasons.

In addition to the tracker, police will be looking for driver who speed during the evening rush hour, do not yield to pedestrians, text and drive, and block the bike lanes. The NYPD has already issued over 50,000 summonses for moving violations during the initiative.

To view the new Traffic Stat site, click here.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Would you pay $185,000 on a parking space?

Photo credit:  Google Maps

According to the New York Post, Brooklyn's new Parking Club is offering "deeded condominium" parking spots, starting at $185,000.  Included valet services include filling your gas tank, car washes, maintenance and registration inspections.  Just like any other condo, owners will also pay monthly common charges and taxes on their parking spots.  

"As parking continues to disappear, I think it's an opportunity for developers going forward to build parking developments," says Jamie Anthony of Lonicera Partners, which developed The Parking Club. "Demand is going to continue to go up... it's going to become more of a valuable commodity."

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