Monday, August 24, 2015

Tesla charging stations coming to Manhattan

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

According to the New York Times, Tesla is bringing its high speed charging stations to Manhattan, The company plans to partner with about a dozen garages around the city to offer 240-volt chargers, which can charge their vehicles in approximately three hours.  Standard wall outlets can also charge the electric cars, but can take 2-3 days.  The garages will charge Tesla owners to use the chargers in addition to their normal parking fees.    

So far, ParkIt, Quik Park, iPark, Champion and Prime Parking Sytems have signed up to offer the Tesla chargers, as well as a small number of hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Crosstown select bus service has arrived on 86th Street

A new M86 Select Bus Service began this week between the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. According to DNAinfo, the MTA is looking to make the new service 15-20% faster than the regular M86 by simplifying routes, making stops further apart, and having passengers purchase their tickets in advance from a kiosk.  There are eight MTA employees stationed at various stops to help explain the changes to riders and direct them to ticket kiosks and waiting areas.  

According to the MTA, the new buses also hold 100 people at a time, almost double the capacity of the current buses, and experience a 3-5 minute waiting time during rush hour.  This is the eight bus route to receive Select Service, with Mayor de Blasio's goal being 20 routes citywide.

Information on all of the city's Select Bus Service routes can be found on the MTA website.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

NYC is getting its first roundabout to help ease traffic

The NYC DOT announced this week via Instagram the city's very first roundabout, set to be completed in the coming weeks.  The changes will be made to Intervale Avenue and Dawson Street in the Bronx.  The city hopes the new traffic pattern, along with changes to the medians and parking spaces at the intersection, will improve safety and traffic flow.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Upgraded muni meters coming to NYC this July

According to the New York Post, drivers will be able to prepay for their muni meter parking up to one hour prior to the parking regulation going into effect.  The meter will only have to be paid for the time the vehicle is parked during those regulation hours.

All city muni meters will be changed by July.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

DOT eliminates 1/3 permit spots in LIC municipal lot

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer speaks out against the DOT's actions.
Credit: Juliet Papa/ 1010 WINS 

Residents in Long Island City are protesting a big change to a local municipal parking lot.  According to CBS News, the Department of Transportation converted 1/3 of the lot's permit parking spots to daily parking spots, as well as parking its own speed camera trucks on the ground floor of the lot. Residents say they now have to wait on line for hours for the chance to get one of the prized permit spots.  

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer spoke out against using the parking lot for DOT vehicles. “Whoever’s idea this was, they need to be raked over the coals,” Van Vramer said. “This thing just stinks to high heaven. It’s dead wrong. It should be dead on arrival. It should never have been approved. The Department of Transportation has so many facilities all over the city of New York. They have land they can use under bridges where they park vehicles and store materials. They can and should do that there."

The DOT says it's looking into creating an online permit system.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prospect Park ticket trap exposed: results in neighborhood getting four new parking spots

Courtesy of the Daily News

A Brooklyn College professor's mission to stop a tricky DOT ticket trap has resulted in four new year-round parking spots for Park Slope.  Two weeks ago, the Daily News ran a story exposing the trap discovered by Greg Smithsimon, which was located next to Prospect Park West and brought in $72,000 from 625 tickets issued in front of some unclear parking signs and street markings.  The formerly illegal spots were bordered by white painted lines, which suggested the spots were legal, and there was a street cleaning/ seasonal parking signs that confused drivers.

Smithsimon discovered the spots while using the city's OpenData website, where he found that 625 vehicles had been ticketed over six months, in contrast to the bus stop across the street, which only generated 47 tickets in twelve months.  He started a petition to ask the DOT for clear markings and signage for the spots, which the agency originally denied.  However, once the story was made public, the DOT made the decision to eliminate the seasonal parking restriction and clearly mark the spots.

Friday, May 29, 2015

New app lets drivers report cars parked in bike lanes & have them towed

There is a new app in Canada that will allow drivers to take a photo of cars illegally parked in the bike lane, and report them to their city officials so the cars can be towed.  According to, the aptly named Towit is currently capable of putting photos of the offending cars online to shame drivers into legal parking spots, but will soon be able to call cops for a tow.  

Do you want to see Towit come to New York City?  Do you think it would make drivers think twice about parking in the bike lanes or just add to the number to tickets handed out by traffic agents?
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